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33'110 Deaths Due to Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria in Europe 2015: An Increasing Threat to Globa

A recent article published in the Lancet highlights the rising threat to public health by antibiotic resistant bacteria. It is based on analysis of European health data from the year 2015. The study states that the burden of infection from antibiotic-resistant bacteria is similar to the cumulative burden of influenza, tuberculosis, and HIV combined and leads to a total of 33'110 deaths.

The analysis of the most dangerous germs is even more shocking. The number of infections with these most relevant antibiotic-resistant bacteria rose 2.5x from 239'000 in 2007 to 603'000 in 2015 and deaths increased from 11'140 to 27'250.

Due to this alarming numbers the authors of the study emphasize the urgent need for alternative treatment options for such infections. hemotune is developing a revolutionary blood purification method based on a magnetic nanosorbent to fight infections and treat the patients most at risk.

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