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Our logo has been updated - who noticed?

As the company name implies, hemotune is all about fine-tuning the composition of blood to cure disease. Our logo depicts a schematic ball of blood platelets being attracted by a (imaginary) magnet in the top left corner. This graphically represents the core technology and mode of action of our HemoSystem.

The HemoSystem developed by Hemotune is able to purify human blood in a groundbreaking way. The procedure is similar to dialysis – unlike dialysis, the purification process in Hemotune's system is based on magnetic nanobeads that are able to bind toxins in the blood. Beads and bound toxins are then magnetically filtered out before the purified blood is returned to the patient. The first application of this innovative method is designed to treat life-threatening sepsis (blood poisoning).

Recently, we have slightly redesigned the logo and simplified it, while preserving the core idea and recognition factor. Who noticed this change?

More details about the HemoSystem can be found here.


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