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Intoxications, systemic infections or autoimmune diseases are clinical conditions caused by circulation of disease-causing factors in the blood stream. Often, the most direct way of cure would be the specific removal of these molecules

State of the Art

The selective and efficient removal of large compounds such as bacterial toxins, antibodies or cytokines is still challenging through conventional blood purification, which use filters or adsorber cartridges.


After years of research, we have found a solution to that problem: HemoSystem allows multi-target precision medicine blood purification at ultra-high efficiency and selectivity using magnetic beads.

Magnetic Sorbent Beads

The non-toxic HemoBeads are the base of our technology. They contain an ultra-magnetic core, a non-sticky polymer and affinity binders that only attach to the desired compounds. By using different binders, the beads can target various targets.

Blood Purification

In the HemoDevice which is similar to a dialysis machine, the sorbent beads are mixed with the patient’s blood and bind to the target compounds. Because fresh beads are provided continuously, saturation is avoided.

Magnetic Separation

Beads and bound targets are highly efficiently removed from the blood in a magnetic cartridge, before the blood flows back to the patient. This makes sure that the beads are not entering the patient’s body.




Sterile single use suspension of small magnetic sorbent beads (HemoBeads).The HemoBeads are supplied in a pre-filled syringe.



Active reusable medical device similar to a dialysis machine. The HemoDevice unit is intended for the safe administration and retrieval of the HemoBeads from an extracorporeal blood circuit.



Sterile single use disposable tubing set that is inserted into the HemoDevice unit.

Our approach


Synthesis and Covalent Surface Functionalization of Nonoxidic Iron Core−Shell Nanomagnets.

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