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About Sepsis
A Global Health Priority

Sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, affects almost 50 million people every year and leads to 11 million deaths. Because there is currently no cure, it was declared a health priority by the World Health Organization.

Picture series showing the development of sepsis

Infection: Sepsis is a life-threatening misguided immune response to an infection with bacteria or viruses.

Burden for Healthcare Systems

Without curative treatments available, sepsis patients are kept on the intensive care units for very long time. In the United States alone, direct Sepsis costs are USD 24 billion. Being already the single most expensive condition treated in hospitals, costs are rising every year.

reSEPT™ Therapy
The Therapy

At hemotune, an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and clinicians combines cutting-edge clinical and scientific results to finding an effective treatment for septic shock patients. Our revolutionary therapy focuses on the immunological aspects of sepsis and tackles multiple disease pathways in parallel, to restore immune balance. The multi-target capacity, selectivity and clearance efficiency are the key features of HemoSystem. Neither conventional blood purification methods nor drugs currently offer a comparable precision medicine approach. Our therapy has the goal to significantly improve patient outcomes, shorten the length of stay in the Intensive Care Units and thereby reducing the burden of sepsis for patients, hospitals, the healthcare system and society.

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