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Hemotune recognized as most innovative blood purification company by Frost & Sullivan

hemotune AG was honored with the Technology Leadership Award in Blood Purification Technology by Frost & Sullivan, one of the most recognized market research companies. hemotune develops a therapeutic blood purification platform to improve health outcomes and save patients’ lives. The innovative medical device company provides ground-breaking blood purification technology based on magnetic beads, which uniquely removes large biomolecule targets with extremely high selectivity and efficiency. The system will be first used to treat sepsis, a severe life-threatening condition linked to 20% of all deaths and rising healthcare costs according to hemotune. Its solution focuses on the immunological aspects of sepsis, tackling multiple disease pathways while restoring immune balance.

HemoSystem, a multi-target precision medicine blood purification solution based on magnetic beads, treats life-threatening diseases like sepsis. As in dialysis or hemoperfusion, blood is pumped outside the body in a dedicated device (HemoDevice) with a single-use disposable kit containing tubing and all blood-contacting parts (HemoDisposable). Instead of purifying the blood with a dialysis filter or hemoperfusion cartridge, the platform injects magnetic beads (HemoSorbent) into the extracorporeal circuit. The magnetic beads are coated with a polymer to avoid unwanted adsorption and equipped with specific binding agents, such as antibodies, on the surface to capture the desired targets.

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Research Industry Analyst, Ashish Kaul, noted, “hemotune refined its holistic approach to blood purification based on leading-edge nanotechnology, continuously evolving its revolutionary technology to bridge industry gaps. Using specific antibody binders, its unique purification technology based on magnetic beads removes large biomolecule targets, such as bacterial toxins, antibodies, and cytokinesis.”

HemoSystem’ s beads freely flow with the blood and selectively bind to the target compounds, tagging them magnetically. Before returning the blood to the patient, beads and bound targets are efficiently removed via a magnetic filter in the device. Depending on the target, HemoSystem ensures over 95% target removal in a single pass through the device. A mixture of different beads with different binding agents enables multi-target strategies. hemotune’s strong intellectual property portfolio, worldwide exclusive licenses on a magnetic core, chemical functionalization and binding agents, and patents on device assembly and treatment strategy for sepsis safeguard its pioneering technology, adding value relative to its growth potential, thus securing a competitive advantage.

“hemotune’s goal is to address both mortality and cost challenges associated with sepsis treatment. The company stands out from competitors based on its commitment to innovation and creativity while being in a prime position to achieve commercial success,” observed Pavel Zhebrouski, a Best Practices Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan. With its strong overall performance, hemotune earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the blood purification technology market.

Given today’s landscape, Frost & Sullivan believes the company is in a prime position to disrupt the blood purification market.

Lukas Langenegger, hemotune’s CEO adds: “Receiving the Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award by a leading US market research company is a great honor for us. It shows that Swiss technology is globally recognized at the forefront of innovation and that small companies can successfully compete with the large global corporates. While we have strong roots in Switzerland, hemotune is set to address global challenges and disrupt industries.”

Please find in the following the independent Frost & Sullivan analysis.

Analysis Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award hemotune
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