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Hemotune mentioned in Tagesanzeiger: At eye level with the big names

A global problem solved with a Swiss innovation deserves global recognition. The Tagesanzeiger, a Swiss daily newspaper published in Zurich in its Focus Innovation special supplement explained how hemotune AG is taking on the big players. Find the text below.

"Can a small Zurich company be successful in compete with global corporations? – The independent market research company Frost & Sullivan sees the innovative medical technology company hemotune AG as predestined to shake up the international blood purification market and has recently awarded her the Technology Innovation Leadership Award: "The price is a big honor for us," says Lukas Langenegger, CEO of hemotune AG. "We Swiss SMEs are often very cautious and risk-averse. The price confirms us in boldly advancing visionary technologies."

hemotune AG was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich and is headquartered in Schlieren. Around 20 highly qualified researchers work here from all over the world on a novel blood purification system in the style of classic dialysis: «With our device we pump blood out of the body. But instead of a conventional dialysis filter or cartridge we mix the blood with magnetic nanoparticles. These have antibodies on their surface which are binding toxins. With a magnetic filter it is then possible to filter out the bound toxins in a highly efficient manner." So Langenegger explains the groundbreaking technology. The first application of the blood purification platform will restore an appropriate immune response in sepsis. This is the most severe form of infection, in which the body's own defense reaction damages its own tissue and organs and leads to a life-threatening situation. Sepsis is an underserved global health problem. In addition to mortality rates of up to 45 percent in septic shock, sepsis also leads to sharply rising healthcare costs. The WHO estimates that sepsis affects about 50 million people worldwide each year and leads to around 11 million or 20 percent of all deaths. The WHO estimates that sepsis is observed every year worldwide affects about 50 million people and around 11 million or 20 percent of all deaths.

In addition to numerous start-up awards, Langenegger was able to recently won the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2022 in Singapore, which not only highlights the technical solution behind the innovation, but also the user-oriented design and potential positive impact on society.

hemotune AG is well on schedule with the milestones it has achieved so far. The company is currently preparing the clinical trial in order to achieve market approval of the HemoSystem in sepsis and to treat the first patients as early as 2024 as part of clinical trials. From this point of view, hemotune AG is a prime example of a Swiss company that raises medical technology, innovative spirit and cutting-edge technology to new heights. After all, it is precisely such visions that will continue to advance Switzerland in international competition in the future."


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