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hemotune is among Switzerland's Top Tech Startups

What an honour: hemotune was nominated as one of Switzerland's Top Tech Startups by Tracxn.

Tracxn is a research partner for Venture Capitalists and Corporate Development offices powered by the largest Startup Data platform that tracks over 10 million companies worldwide.

The Tracxn Soonicorn Award is an initiative to publicly acknowledge the best of the companies across geographies and sectors. Apart from the well known Unicorns they also identify so called Soonicorns, companies that can soon be Unicorns, as well as so called Minicorns, companies that have the potential to become Unicorns in the longer run. These ratings are based on a detailed analysis by internal sector specialists. Market size, investments by marquee investors, execution excellence and future growth prospects are key indicators for a successful analysis.


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