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10 years of World Sepsis Day

On September 16, 2022, the Global Sepsis Alliance and the Sepsis Stiftung joined forces to host a unique event celebrating a decade of World Sepsis Day. Our Head of Clinical Affairs, Dr. Martin Dinkel took part in the event in Berlin.

(f.l.t.r.: Martin Dinkel, Head of Clinical Affairs hemotune AG; Ron Daniels, Vice President of the Global Sepsis Alliance and Dennis Kredler, he survived pneumonia-related sepsis in February 2016)

Martin Dinkel had the opportunity to speak with renowned personalities who have laid great milestones in sepsis treatment. A great motivation for hemotune to continue working on making sepsis treatable. Hemotune is confident that after 5 years in business, the company can become part of the solution for sepsis care. Together with the leading sepsis physicians and immunologists, hemotune has designed a revolutionary intervention strategy for sepsis patients that focuses on the immunological aspects of the disease and tackles multiple disease pathways in parallel.

The better understanding of sepsis and learnings from various clinical trials in recent years allows to tailor novel personalized intervention strategies for sepsis and improve therapy benefits for patients.

Further information to the event:


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