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September 13th is World Sepsis Day

Today September 13th is World Sepsis Day. A day to remember the millions of people affected by sepsis every year and increase sepsis awareness in order to hopefully prevent or cure many sepsis cases in the future.

At hemotune we are dedicated to one goal: improving treatments for those affected by sepsis and reducing negative impact of this devastating condition!

Our technology: the HemoSystem

The differentiating factors compared to existing blood purification systems are its efficiency and selectivity. Both are key to modulate the immune response in a precision medicine approach.

  • The selectivity is achieved through an anti-stick coating and binding agents on the HemoBeads surface.

  • The efficiency is originating from the nanostructure of the beads, which provides a huge accessible surface area to bind target compounds and their continuous application to the blood, which prevents surface saturation and mass transport limitations.

The purification is achieved through extracorporeal contacting the HemoBeads with the patients’ blood. The HemoBeads are magnetic sorbent beads each 300 times smaller than a red blood cell. They are equipped with specific binders on their surface to tag only the target compounds magnetically, without affecting other essential blood constituents. Applying a mixture of different HemoBeads allows targeting different target compounds simultaneously. By flowing through the magnetic filter of the HemoDevice, both targets and HemoBeads are removed from the blood without entering the patients’ blood stream.

About World Sepsis Day

World Sepsis Day is an initiative by the Global Sepsis Alliance and has been established in 2012. The GSA is a non-profit charity organization with the mission to provide global leadership to reduce the worldwide burden of sepsis. To find out more about the GSA and the team behind it, please visit the GSA website.


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