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hemotune is featured in “NZZ am Sonntag”

Wyss Zurich hemotune's first backer assessed in an interview the first 7 years of its existence

The Wyss Zurich is one of the earliest backers of hemotune and played a key role in our success. The generous funding and support allowed our transition from highly innovative university research to building a company and focusing on actual product development. The Wyss’ Co-Directors Simon Hoerstrup and Roland Siegwart now were interviewed by the Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag and recapitulate on the first 7 years of the Wyss. They share insights in how they built up the collaborative institute between ETH Zurich and University Zurich, the key success factors of their supported projects. The article mentions hemotune as one of the supported projects combining their focus areas robotics and regenerative medicine.

We are very grateful for the generous support by the Wyss Zurich over the last years and are looking forward to many more years of Wyss Zurich!

Access the full interview:

20220821_NZZ am Sonntag_Interview Wyss Zurich
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