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hemotune featured in BioChip review

In his interesting review, Joo H. Kang (BioChip Journal, 2020) writes about ingenious approaches that address the unmet needs in sepsis treatment. He explicitly mentions hemotune performing pioneer work in the field of magnetic nanoparticle assisted blood cleansing devices. According to Kang, this revolutionary technology bears great potential for the successful removal of toxic molecules in a patient’s blood stream. This could have a significant positive impact on the outcome of sepsis and additionally, reduce the mortality rate (1).

Sepsis is a dysregulated immune response to infection with globally 11 million deaths annually. Its most severe form septic shock has mortality rates of 30-50%. hemotune’s treatment is designed to restore adequate immune function in septic shock patients and to improve their outcomes. Read more about our technology here.

(1) Kang JH. Multiscale Biofluidic and Nanobiotechnology Approaches forTreating Sepsis in Extracorporeal Circuits. BioChip J. 2020. doi:10.1007/s13206-020-4106-6

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