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Successful completion of Wyss Zurich project hemotune

An interview with Lukas Langenegger, Project Leader of Wyss Zurich project hemotune and CEO of the startup company hemotune AG. hemotune was being accelerated at Wyss Zurich from May 2017 to December 2022.

What is the vision of hemotune?

We envision a future where precision blood purification is an indispensable tool to improve patient outcomes and save lives in critical illness and beyond, while containing healthcare cost globally. Our mission is to develop breakthrough blood purification technology thereby enabling revolutionary intervention strategies for the most urgent medical needs and making them accessible for the benefit of patients.

What is your personal motivation for this project?

I am passionate about making technology available to patients and to improve healthcare outcomes in the most urgent unmet medical needs.

You have spent five and a half years at Wyss Zurich. What kinds of support have you found to be most valuable?

We were working closely with the engineers of the Robotics Technologies Platform during the development of the HemoDevice and HemoDisposable. They were very much part of the team and helped us bring our product forward.

What advice would you give yourself if you could travel back to the project start?

Don’t worry about spending money if it can help de-risking the project fast.

Are you a hustler, hipster, or hacker?

A mixture between hustler and hipster.

In just a few words, what is your wish for the future of hemotune?

Hopefully our treatments will save as many patients as possible in the future. We work very hard to establish the HemoSystem as a new blood purification platform beyond drugs that are injected into the body. We are convinced that our extracorporeal extractive treatment will be able to address many drawbacks of classical therapies for complex indications.


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