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Lukas Langenegger selected as a UBS Global Visionary: A magnetic force for healthcare

Lukas Langenegger, CEO and Co-Founder of hemotune

Lukas Langenegger and the HemoDevice
  • Currently, many drugs work by blocking substances in the body. But what if it was possible to, not just block those substances, but remove them entirely?

  • That's the goal of hemotune: a Swiss startup business behind a groundbreaking blood-purification platform called "HemoSystem".

  • HemoSystem uses small magnetic beads that select, bind to and remove large biomolecules in the blood. The system can also deploy different beads for different targets, removing various substances at the same time – an impossible task for today's medicines.

  • hemotune is developing its first treatment, which aims to restore immunity in patients suffering from sepsis. Every year, sepsis affects almost 50 million people and leads to around 11 million deaths.1 For these reasons, the World Health Organization declared sepsis a global health priority in 2017.

  • Through its precision-medicine blood purification, hemotune aims to reduce sepsis-related mortality, hospital stays and costs.

  • Lukas Langenegger co-founded hemotune in 2017 to achieve his ambition of using technology to solve global challenges. The company has received prestigious plaudits and awards, including Forbes magazine's number one spin-off to watch; winner of the German Innovation Award 2022; finalist of the Swiss Economic Award 2022; and winner of Frost & Sullivan's 2022 Technology Innovation Leadership Award. 2023 Lukas was selected as a UBS Global Visionary.


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